Why do formmail scripts I have uploaded give a 403 Forbidden error?

Due to serious security issues with old versions of formmail scripts we have put a block on the scripts file name. Hackers search webpages for the file name ‘formmail’ in order to exploit the outdated formmail scripts. Here is a list of filenames blocked on ALL SHARED/RESELLER servers:

  • formmail.php
  • formmail.cgi
  • formmail.pl

Solution #1:
You may rename formmail script filename to anything other than formmail.xxx. IE fmail.pl,fm.pl, or form.php and update the path to formmail script within your form pages.

Solution #2:
Use our secured formmail script located within your control panel=>CGI Center=> FormMail Clone, script url for your form page is going to be http://domain.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi