What is domain name validation?

Domain name validation is a process that helps ensure that the registrant (owner) details are correct in the Whois database. This includes the registrant's: First name, Last name and Email address. This validation applies to all gTLD's. An email is sent to the registered owners email address listed in the Whois and you will have 15-days to respond to the email. Failing to respond within this time will see the domain suspended and all services rendered offline.

To ensure your domain name registration data is correct please check your WHOIS data. It is important that the details for First name, Last name and Email address are correct.
Whois Search

To update your Whois data please login to our Domain Manger with your domain administration username and password (provided at time of registration). Alternatively, please contact us with your details to make any necessary changes.

For further information regarding Whois please read the About and Help with Whois provided by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).