A Responsive Re-design

Case Study for: JTeague Enterprises

In conjuction with updates to his content, Jim siezed the opportunity to give his site a responsive re-design.
Before and after screenshots jteagueenterprises.com
Before and After Screenshot

Client Profile

J. Teague Enterprises, LLC, established in 2005, is a sales agency and consulting firm serving the Military, Hydrospace and Advanced Compostes markets. Key areas include deep ocean technology.

  • Client: JTeague Enterprises
  • Industry: Sales/Consulting
  • Website: jteagueenterprises.com
  • Logo J. Teague Enterprises, LLC

Business Situation

Jim Teague, owner of J. Teague Enterpirses, LLC, has been a long time customer of Vendhost and has always kept his website up-to-date with technology as well as with a fresh design. Over the years Jim has added sections to his website that required frequent changes such as Recent Happenings and Events. It was time to do a complete overhaul of the site making these self-managed areas and give the site a responsive re-design.

Technical Situation

The J. Teague Enterprises website was originally handcrafted using HTML which meant that simple updates and potential growth of the site were costly. And, with Jim frequently attending trade shows and industry events throughout the year he wanted to have the ability to update his site himself.


After consulting with Jim through email we discussed a responsive design approach as well as the self-managed areas for upcoming events and latest work. We once again turned to our preferred content management system (CMS) Drupal.

With its customisable content types, flexible slideshows, taxonomy integration with Views, and the ability to expand and grow with the business, Drupal’s power and our extensive knowledge of the system meant for a simple transition.

We conducted a content audit and although the existing site was small, creating an inventory enabled us to list each piece of content in a structured and organised manner. Certain content could be shared across the site allowing us to style it in different ways and avoid republishing.

Jim emailed us some additional content and new artwork and a carte blanche directive on layout and design.

Firstly, we created the customised fields for the different content types we generated from our content audit. We deconstructed the logo for use on the new site, reworked and resized images and created a new powerful style and theme. We added sidebar blocks to include important information and have it prominent on the page. Information such as partner logos, events, recent projects and LinkedIn profile link.

We included a flexible slideshow display for both the homepage and the recent happenings pages. We incorporated Google Fonts and selected styles integral to the overall design. And Google Analytics JavaScript was included for site statistics.


With self-managed content areas such as events and recent happenings, Jim can be update as and when required without the additional cost for small changes or waiting for a volume of changes to be applied in a single job.

With the use of a CMS, any future major site updates will be less painful for us and more cost effective for Jim. Whether they are cosmetic changes to keep the site fresh or expansions in the markets or partners across the current sections of the site the job will be simple and efficient by comparison to the old site.

Technology Solutions

  • Drupal
  • Event Calendar
  • Fotolia Image Library
  • JavaScript
  • Image Rotation Script
  • Social Plugin
  • LinkedIn Profile Link
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Fonts
  • Hosted with Vendhost
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