A Responsive Re-design

Case Study for: Ceremonies By Eve

Ceremonies By Eve wanted a responsive website re-design that was beautiful, search engine friendly and allows her to make content changes.
Before and after screenshots celebrantbrisbane.com
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Client Profile

Eve Sirigos is a Brisbane marriage celebrant. Her business, Ceremonies By Eve, has been online since 2007 and the website was in need of a responsive redesign and update. As an existing hosting customer of Vendhost, Eve sort our guidance and assistance in bringing Ceremonies By Eve up-to-date with a fresh look and better visibility on the modern viewing platforms.

  • Client: Ceremonies By Eve
  • Industry: Celebrant
  • Website: celebrantbrisbane.com
  • Logo Ceremonies By Eve

Business Situation

As a result of the rapid growth, adoption and popularity of smartphones Eve knew it was time to make the move to a responsive website. With her potential clientele searching for a celebrant using their mobile phone, Ceremonies By Eve not only needed to be found but be visible to this audience.

Technical Situation

The Ceremonies By Eve website was originally designed using HTML tables and no longer capable of delivering a good user experience across the varied devices as well as desktop computers. Additionally, Eve wanted to have a robust webform for her client’s initial contact as well as be able to update areas of her site herself.


We had been maintaining Eve's original website for a number of years and knew there was a better way. After consulting with Eve through email and over the telephone we advised the benefits for not only re-designing her website with a responsive design but also adding content outlining all of the services Ceremonies By Eve offer. All this would be achieved using our preferred content management system (CMS) Drupal.

Drupal is a framework providing a sophisticated and powerful system with customisable content types, galleries, categories, forms, and the ability to evolve as required.

A content audit was conducted creating an inventory of the existing site. Each page was analysed and placed under certain headings. This allowed for a better understanding of what we needed to do to improve the site overall.

Eve emailed through all of her additional content and artwork and some instructions on what she wanted to achieve with the updates: "I am trying to give as much information to clients as possible, the feedback I get is pointing to people want to know everything they can before they email me, saves time and they then know exactly what I offer and what is required from them."

We began adding in all the existing content into customised fields. We designed a logo, created banner graphics, resized images and created a gallery of beautiful photographs we sourced from our image library suited to Eve's style and theme. We then looked at writing additional content as discussed for the new Ceremonies pages. We added sidebar blocks to include important information and have it prominent on the page. Information such as contact details, quotes from testimonials, fees, and Facebook share button.

With the additional content came the need for secondary navigation. We had to keep this in mind for mobile browsers and decided upon the use of Superfish Jquery plugin with a mini nav functionality customised for the new theme.

We created a webform for Eve's potential client to complete, providing Eve with all the initial information she needs to reply appropriately with her offering of services and make an appointment. This included a Ceremony selection field, a Date and Time field and a Location field so that upon receiving the email Eve knows immediately what her client requires and when. For specific questions we also included a Comments field.

We incorporated Google Fonts and selected styles integral to the overall design.

Google Analytics javascript was included for site statistics.


One of the key benefits of using a CMS such as Drupal is that you have a robust system which can grow as the business grows. We have tailored the site framework to Eve’s current requirements while having the ability to expand in the future.

Eve has the ability to update areas of her site herself. Content such as new Testimonials, links and fees can be updated as and when required without the additional cost for small changes or waiting for a volume of changes to be applied to make it feasible/cost effective.

Client Comments

As my business has grown I have changed my website a few times to keep up with the growth, with Vendhost’s expert advice I have a great website that clients love. I can relax and look after my business with the assured knowledge that my website is doing its job of bringing me new clients; I could not have achieved that without the expertise of Vendhost.

Technology Solutions

  • Logo Design
  • Drupal
  • Custom Forms
  • Fotolia Image Library
  • Superfish Jquery plugin
  • Facebook Share Button
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Fonts
  • Hosted with Vendhost
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