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With a well-designed, effective website you can increase your sales and profits by promoting your products and services online.

Getting Your Business Online

Getting your business online is more affordable and straightforward today than it has ever been. The Internet is an exciting medium providing many opportunities and benefits to your business. There are numerous reasons for getting your business online and with it being an affordable option you too can realise the potential of an online identity.

Opportunities and Benefits

The Internet is the way to communicate and interact on both a local and global scale. Buying, selling, teaching, learning or letting people know about your service, the Internet can be used in numerous ways. You can realise the benefits whether it is in the form of an e-commerce experience or promotional tool. Contact Vendhost and start taking advantage of the communication medium.

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Why Get Your Business Online?

Having your business available online you can provide your customers a better service. You can promote your business more effectively and to a wider market. Being online can also save you money on printing and distribution costs of marketing material. Your product catalogue can reach a larger audience and be updated faster and cost next to nothing.

You Can Afford to Be Online

The Internet has evolved into an affordable business strategy that should be taken advantage of by all businesses, big or small. The cost to register a domain name, purchase hosting and have your website designed is affordable for even the smallest business. These services that Vendhost provide will take down any barriers between you and getting your business online.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Services

Your website visitors will view your website using any number of different devices, with widely varying screen resolutions. From desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPods, Blackberry's, Kindles to iPhones and smartphones. How can one website design provide an optimal viewing experience across such a wide range of devices? The answer is by using a Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design uses a blend of flexible grids, layouts, images and intelligent CSS media queries to provide easy navigation and reading with a minimum of resizing, panning or scrolling, this is accomplished by the design responding to the users screen size, platform and orientation.

Whether you are looking at getting a new website designed or upgrading an existing site a responsive design will enable you to reach readers across multiple devices while ensuring a great experience for your visitors.

Content Management Sysytems (CMS)

Content Management Systems

One of the most common requests we receive from potential and existing website owners is their desire to be able to update certain content within their website themselves. They are looking for a professionally designed website which is responsive yet still gives them enough control to make content changes themselves when they need to. Vendhost can design and build your website using a robust Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal, which can give you the ability to update content, pricing, contact details, author blog posts and much more.

Content Management Systems such as Drupal can handle personal blogs right up to enterprise applications and everything in between. Drupal is the CMS of choice for some of the largest sites on the web, such as The White House, The Economist and The Examiner.

Personal Websites

Personal Web Design Services

Personal and Family Solutions

Highlight your skills to potential employers with an online resume or portfolio. Or create a personal site for your friends to enjoy. Stay in touch with family members with your own family website - the evolution of the photograph album.

Establish an Internet Presence

An Internet presence means embracing the opportunities that the internet offers and taking advantage of the communication medium. From resumes, portfolios and blogs to personal business sites and family sites, you can express your individuality.

Templates vs Custom Websites

Vendhost can modify your third-party purchased template to suit your needs but we do recommend you go the extra distance and have your site custom designed. Original designs will be remembered and identify you as unique. Having your website custom designed is a refreshing change from the easily identifiable template approach. The overall design and direction of your website will convey ideas to your visitors where templates fall short.

A Website is Affordable

Whether you wish to highlight your skills to potential employers with an online resume or portfolio, create your own clan site for your friends to enjoy, promote your band for local gigs or stay in touch with family members, Vendhost provides an affordable, hassle-free solution. Be realistic about what you want to achieve. Then with your ideas in place contact Vendhost to help make them a reality.

Combining your input with our expertise we can design you a website that reflects your vision and individuality. Our design service is tailored to suit your budget, we provide personal attention and support. You have the choice of registering your own domain name or utilize the Vendhost sub-domain service (yourname.vendhost.com). The service that Vendhost provides will take down any barriers and get you online.

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