Customer Testimonials

I have been associated with Vendhost for 5 years now. Louise actually built my web site using the limited information I provided. You see, I am not a dot com kind of guy. I am constantly having Vendhost add banners to my site for trade shows, announcements and updates. The level of service is second to none and in a rare instance when I have an issue Vendhost pulls all stops to correct it immediately. I would strongly recommend becoming associated with this great service provider.

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Jim Teague
Norfolk, MA USA

I have dealt with a number of hosting companies throughout the last 10 years, including high profile companies such as BT (British Telecom) and 1and1, but have stayed with Vendhost for a number of years now. I have stayed with them because I have found them to be by far the most supportive, reliable and professional hosting company I have dealt with. Despite being considerably cheaper than their competitors, Vendhost go the extra mile as far as support is concerned, and I think they will go from strength to strength.

Customer Testimonial KLF
Dean Phillips
Wales, UK

I have had the pleasure of being associated with Vendhost for the past five years.
During this time Vendhost has looked after all my web hosting, revamped my website, maintained my website and made sure that I have NOTHING to worry about.

My website is key to my business success; with out that I have no business.

When I have any queries about any thing one phone call and my questions are addressed in a manner I can understand. The same person that answers the phone looks after you, none of this passing you from one staff member to another; it’s a professional - personal service that makes you feel good and gives you confidence in what you are presenting to the public via your website is excellent.
I have absolutely no clue with anything in regards to the internet or computers, but as a small business owner it’s imperative that I have a presence on the internet that will bring me clients, how that works I truly have no idea, but I do know if I want to succeed in my business I need to surround myself with experts in their field to look after what I can’t, as my business has grown during the past five years I have changed my website a few times to keep up with the growth, with Vendhost’s expert advice I have a great website that clients love. Vendhost fulfils the requirement of my IT professional with the added bonus of a warm friendly staff that know my name.
I can relax and look after my business with the assured knowledge that my website is doing its job of bringing me new clients; I could not have achieved that with out the expertise of Vendhost.

Customer Testimonial KLF
Eve Sirigos AMC JP
Leichhardt, Australia

Vendhost, like us, are a family firm and therefore make an ideal fit as our hosting partner. They share our ethos of providing a personal service and our belief in the importance of developing a proper relationship with the client and supporting each other for the long term. Having said this, they are no small-fry service: they can do the big stuff too, and at really competitive prices. If we had to choose four words to sum up our feelings about Vendhost, they'd be: personal, flexible, efficient, affordable.

Customer Testimonial KLF
Adastra Cymru Ltd
Wales, United Kingdom

I have been a very satisfied patron of Vendhost since 2004. I have many clients, some with complex-back end requirements so there are many various requirements, queries and support needs that I have had. I can compare them most favourably to 5 other hosts and Vendhost is by far the most secure, capable and responsive of them all, and always professional and polite. This testimonial includes micro downtime and genuine out of hours support. I recommend them highly.

Customer Testimonial KLF
Elwood VIC, Australia

We are a mid sized company which hosts an array on domain names and websites through Vendost and have done so for many years now, I must commend you guys on your professionalism, knowledge and premium customer service.

Whenever I pick up the phone to call your company there is always someone there to answer my questions or queries with100% total satisfaction and friendliness, there have been countless occasions when I have called Louise Tyerman with problems relating to my websites and she has always given me the right advise and not let me hang up until we have sorted out the problem, I don't know what I would do without her sometimes..

I would recommend Vendhost to anybody in need of a real professional, thorough and friendly provider without question.

Customer Testimonial KLF
Patrick Muscariello
Seaford, VIC Australia