Make Your Website Multi-device Friendly

Multiple devices used to view websites

Visitors to your site could be viewing it on their desktop, tablet, smartphone or any other new device on the market. How does your site deliver - are you responsive?

Become Responsive in 2014

When viewing websites consumers are demanding a consistent experience when moving between their computer, tablet and mobile phone. They have the ability to search from anywhere and this is forcing serious business owners to rethink their existing online presence and find out how to benefit from this adoption of new technology. To allow users to flow seamlessly between platforms and still maintain the tracking ability in a sites data and analytics, business owners have to be more responsive.

In 2012 Vendhost adopted a policy of creating all new websites using a stable and responsive framework. This enabled all sites to adjust according to the size of the device it was being viewed on. As responsive design became our way of life we began to look to our existing customers and so began responsive re-design.

Many of our customers are experiencing first hand the advantages of upgrading their websites with a responsive re-design. Find out more on how we can help to enhance your online presence and contact us today.