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Domain Name TransfersSimply order a domain transfer which includes 1 year extension to your registration period, follow the authorization instructions which are emailed to you and soon after you will receive a confirmation email that your domain transfer was successful.

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Domain ID Shield

Vendhost Domain ID Shield - Private Domain Registration - Free*

At Vendhost we take your privacy seriously, that is why we include our domain ID Shield service free with every .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domain registration.

Ours v Theirs
Ours - $13.98 one year registration including ID Shield private registration
Theirs - average $8 to $14 one year registration plus $9 to $14 yearly private registration fee.

What is ID Shield and why do I need it? - ICANN who are the governing authority for domain names require that domain owners contact details are published in the public WHOIS directory. The WHOIS directory is available to the public 24/7 and lists contact information of the individuals and organizations who own domain names. With our free domain ID Shield protection we publish our ID Shield details in place of yours, keeping your name, address, phone number and email address away from prying eyes. You keep full control and ownership of your domain with peace of mind!

Benefits of Vendhost's ID Shield
Shield your name, address, telephone number and email address from prying eyes.
Shield yourself from domain related spam and data miners.
Reduce the risk of identity theft.
Shield your home address details from strangers.
Keep full ownership and control of your domain.
You can easily change to public registration if you wish to expose your details.

WHOIS Results Unprotected and Protected by Vendhost Domain ID Shield

Unprotected WHOIS Results

Protected with Domain ID Shield WHOIS Results

Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transfer

Check the administrative contact details
First off you will need to check that the administrative contact details for your domain name are correct. The authorization emails will be sent to your domain names administrative contact email address. If your domain has private registration (same as our ID Shield protection) you may need to remove the privacy protection in order to update your details.
Unlock the domain
Please ensure that the domain name is unlocked at your current registrar. If you do not have access to unlock your domain you may need to request your current registrar to do so. The transfer will not complete if the domain is locked.
Get an Aurthorization Code (EPP Code)
You may need an Authorization Code (also known as an EPP Code). You should have access to the Authorization code from your current registrar within your account or by requesting it via email. Not all domain extensions will require an Authorization Code, many ccTLDs or country code top level domains do not require the code.
Requesting the transfer
You initiate the transfer process by ordering a domain transfer which includes a 1 year extension to your domain name registration. The cost is equivalent to a 1 year domain registration $13.98. This fee is authorized upon the order submission however it will not be processed until the transfer is successful. If for any reason the transfer does not complete you will not be charged.
Possible reasons for a failed transfer
A transfer can fail to complete for a number of reasons, these include; the domain being locked, failure to authorize the transfer, invalid authorization code, the transfer is within 60 days of the domain being registered or transferred (ICANN policy will not allow the transfer under this circumstance), the transfer is too close to the domains expiry date.